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Blue Rock, Expert and Extension Traps

This page has a lot of information because the Cleveland Target Company was around for quite a longtime. There were several other manufacturers of clay pigeon traps, but the Cleveland target company really had the longest run of manufacturing. As such, there were several different traps that they put on the market including perhaps the most successful and common of all of the cast iron clay pigeon traps, the Expert trap.

There are several different labels given to the various Blue Rock and Extension traps. I will refer to them by the years in which I first see the ads for the different models.

I am still looking for examples of the earlier Blue Rock traps for my collection. The photos I have provided were provided from another collector. I will pay top dollar for nice examples of these earlier Blue Rock Traps.

Blue Rock Traps

The earliest ad I have for the Blue Rock trap is from 1886. Note the decorative handle for adjusting the angle of the trap.

Blue Rock 1886 Trap













I have yet to see an example of the trap shown in the ad above with the decorative handle. The more frequently seen examples of the 1886 Blue Rock trap is shown below with the corresponding advertising. Note the different adjustment handle along with the lack of gearing under the trap.

Blue Rock Trap










In an 1888 ad for the Cleveland Target Company there is a small clipping showing the following trap. It is still referred to as the Blue Rock Trap at this point in time. The ad and the trap are shown below. The traps are marked "Model of 1887" on one side and "Blue Rock" on the other side.

1888 Blue Rock Ad1888 Blue Rock Trap










In 1890 the Blue Rock trap changed yet again. Note the spring configuration on the 1890 trap shown below in the advertising and the photograph. These traps were sold as the "Compression Spring Traps".

1890 Blue Rock ad








1890 Blue Rock Trap














The Expert Traps

At the end of 1891 the Cleveland Target Company introduced what would become one of the most successful and longest produced traps; The Expert.

There is so much information on the Expert traps that I will have a separate page devoted just to these traps. Click on the image below to find out more about these traps, patent information, and the many different markings that are found on the variations of these traps. Note, these traps are marked "Blue Rock" on the trap, but the "Expert" name is highlighted and is what they were sold as.

Expert trap link













Extension Traps

The Chamberlin Cartridge and Target Company introduced the Extension trap sometime in the early 1890's. The earliest advertisement I have found was from an 1894 Chamberlin Cartridge catalog (shown below). It used many of the same parts as the Expert traps and simply lacked the large round base that allowed for easy adjustment of the throwing angles. Like the Expert traps, the Extension traps are also marked with the Blue Rock name, but they were advertised as the Extension trap.












The earliest versions of the Extension spring traps utilized the same type of base and adjustment knobs as the Compression Spring traps. They were simply marked "Blue Rock Trap." Later versions simplified the construction and made it less adjustable, perhaps to minimize competition with sales of the Expert traps. The later traps also were marked with "C C & T Co. Cleveland Ohio" and "Skeet Trap." Since the game of Skeet introduced in and named in 1926, it can be concluded that these traps were produced sometime after this time.